About Us

Our organization works towards ensuring Occupational Health and Safety at the workplace. In our establishment, engineers experienced in occupational safety and experienced, Workplace Physicians experienced in occupational health are serving. Taking Occupational Health and Safety measures is the value given to human life that needs to be sanctified. For work accidents occurring in the workplace, defects are determined depending on whether the provisions related to occupational health and safety are fulfilled in the examinations made by both the expert and the Labor Inspectors. In the rate of fulfilling these obligations, responsibility and defect decrease or absent. In addition, the same criteria are evaluated in the inspections carried out by the Labor Inspectors of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. In addition to being directly involved in the Labor Law No. 4857, considering the importance of education in the prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, both the administrative fines are imposed in the audits and the employer is impaired in the work accident defects. In the event that work accident and occupational disease have consequences such as serious injury, disability and death of a worker, there are several hundred thousand compensations. The employer has to pay these indemnities at the rate of his / her fault. In addition, in public lawsuits filed by the prosecutor regardless of the complaint, prison sentences are envisaged between 2 months and 15 years, according to TCK. In order not to pay these compensations or to pay them at the minimum rate and avoid the risk of imprisonment, the obligations related to occupational health and safety must be fulfilled.

Our expertise is to develop solutions that respond proactively and result-oriented to the business needs of our customers with the unique service understanding and current technology in the light of our experience.

at home and abroad reached a successful position of constantly improving job security services to be the best in Turkey, advanced applicable methodological knowledge, dynamic and competent staff, entrepreneurs, savvy, customer focused approach "to be an excellent service company" it is.